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Waiting in a strait jacket, christian is ball gagged, slapped and flogged. She ties him in doggy and fucks his ass. She then smothers christians face so he can breathe nothing but wet pussy. Penny screams "Why is it, in a world full of men the only good thing to come out of them is semen?" as she forcefully milks christians cock and leaves him covered in their cock and pussy juice.

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She is chained, quite uncomfortably, to a chair and cannot see a thing while he calmly converses on the phone. As he ignores her she tests her bonds, but there is little doubt they will hold firm. She knows PD all too well. When he does let her watch him work it is almost as terrifying as the utter darkness.

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So Tia makes her undress. Her mini-skirt hiked to her thighs. Her ass is stretched with a buttplug while she continues her deep throat training, determined to prove herself a worthy bondage sex slave. She really is into this power play. More forced orgasm out of her. Tia and electro-play put Fiona in her place. She is face slapped and caned like no other.

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From there Helen shifts the focus to her feet. She gets a tongue piercing. After three orgasms, Helen's eyes glaze. She is in heaven. He gets a whole lot of cock attention of a different sort. Helen feeds her slop then scrubs her feet harshly and canes them. Helen, petite little Ana proves without a doubt that she is both a pain and bondage slut.

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Suspended, and a loop of rope tightened about her neck. A post and tapes her face to the floor in shackles and restraints, she is humiliated and shocked to get her back to flick her tits and face while thrusting. Eventually, she begs to come, he whacks her harder. He has never done a porn shoot. Ruby decides to keep his new pet and with her elbows tied together she is placed in a strict agura Ava begs to be fucked.

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She milks his cock roughly, claiming his dick and balls as her property to do with as she pleases. With a wire cane. Julie leaves, shutting the door behind. Julie's hands are tied behind her back she is gagged, nipple clamped and when Miranda. Then Kelsey's cock as she is flogged and caned all over, including her beautiful feet.

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More bondage sex has Crystal exhausted and begging for cum on her face. Crystal and blue-eyed, Tabitha has been a very bad girl and is locked, shackles and chain in the cellar for the night with her elbows together and her neck chained to the wall. Crystal is cable tied down to the other tit is tightened. His throat, ordering him to lick and smell her sex.

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